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Everything inside the 1,200-square-foot lounge is made of ice.Unique facts about Icewine are etched clearly into the ice walls through a special process involving snow-filled.A cool, unique and great start to a lively night on the town.Everything inside is made out of crystal clear ice harvested especially from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Northern Sweden.The bar is kept at a balmy minus-5 Celsius, or 23 degrees Fahrenheit.The space includes an Ice bar, lounge chair, sculptures, ice block walls and even an ice chandelier.Super kitschy and perfect for your bright aqua-colored puffy, this ice bar is complete with ice chandeliers, walls, and seats.

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How cold is ice? What is a Syphon or Siphon?

The bar, which opened yesterday, is built from 90 tons of ice, kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 5 degrees Celsius.

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The reopened Minus5 Ice Bar at Mandalay is a must-see

Wrap up warm in the provided jackets, and drink from glasses made of ice in a bar sculpted from 35 tons of natural ice and kept at -10 degrees Celsius.

Minus 5 Ice Lounge may be 'cool' L.A. hangout

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Minus5 Ice Lounge opens at Baltimore's Power Plant Live

The space will be filled with more than 100 tons of ice from Canada as well as a much warmer walk-up bar.The Ice Bar is conveniently located inside Pointe Orlando off International Drive.

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Minus 5 also has a comforting lodge where guests can warm up after...

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ICEBAR Orlando is pleased to be named the LARGEST Permanent ICEBAR in the World with over 70 tons of hand-carved ice.Come chill with over 90 tons of ice while exploring a winter wonderland filled with amazing, interactive ice sculptures.

It's back! Minus5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas adds a 'Game of

Once inside, guests are surrounded by one-of-a-kind ice sculptures in temperatures of -5 celsius or roughly 23 degrees fahrenheit.

Kept at minus 5 degrees all year round with everything inside made out of crystal-clear ice from the Torne River in Sweden.

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Grab Your Parkas, Minus5 Ice Bar is Coming to Miami

The tables, wall, bar, sculptures and seats are also made of ice.

Break the ice over a few chilly cocktails at your next staff party.

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Created in New Zealand, Minus5 is a unique ice-themed experience where guests enjoy quality vodka cocktails served in a glass made of pure ice, all within in the beauty of a -5 degrees Celsius (23.Use the store locator to find Minus5 Degree Ice Bar locations, phone numbers and business hours in the US.Nearly everything is made of ice, the walls, the seats, the bar, the light fixtures, the drink glasses, and the temperature inside the bar is kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 5 degrees Celsius).

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