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Limoncello is the second most popular liqueur in Italy and it has recently become very popular in The United States.

Drink immediately, or pour into a jar and place in the freezer until ready to drink.Chill your glasses in either the refrigerator or freezer as well for about 30 minutes.Limoncello is an Italian palate cleanser or after dinner digestivo.

A drink of choice for many Italians, and now a drink enjoyed around the world, an Aperol Spritz is a refreshing and palate pleasing drink.

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True limoncello is made with grain alcohol where le lemon rinds are derived from large thick skinned lemons and soaked for about 10 days in the alcohol until the entire liquid is a beautiful yellow color, the after 10 days strain the liquid to remove the peels and then make you syrup using a kilo of sugar, then refrigerate.Sweet, fresh and certainly sparkling, the beverage is perfect for a midsummer dinner.Families in Italy have passed down recipes for generations, as every Italian family has their own Limoncello recipe.

You look so happy, what a beautiful experience.You only need patience for the time it takes for the essential oils from the lemons to steep into the vodka.Look no further, this is the official LimoncelloQuest list of cocktails with limoncello as an ingredient.Creative Culinary Denver, Colorado Food and Cocktail Blog featuring fresh, homemade, seasonal recipes for food and cocktails.So simple and convenient to prepare, it is the perfect way to end any holiday meal.

This classic Italian liqueur, made from the zest of the lemons that grow in the beautiful regions of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Capri is a gift from Mother Nature to humans.

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This comes from the fact that it is made with ethyl alcohol, and can often be 50% alcohol or 100 proof.Drink limoncello, the lemony liqueur of the Amalfi Coast, on one of our exclusive culinary tours in Italy.

This Holiday Drink Italian Limoncello Cocktail is so easy to make yourself.Aperol is made from bitter orange, rhubarb and herbs, it has a very unique bitter and sweet flavor, along with complex herbal aromas.

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