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Angela Giles showing how a brazilian blowout is done on African.Hair of black women (including for African American women) has unique structures.

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The Brazilian keratin treatment is an excellent semi permanent re-constructor that seals out humidity.And there are some factors that can contribute to cause this traumatic alopecia.Processed African-Caribbean hair and other porous strand types will benefit most from the Elasticizer Extreme version.

These blow dry creams make hair silky and shiny, fight frizz and speed up drying time so your blowout looks professional instead of DIY.In 1954, George and Joan Johnson founded Johnson Products Co. Inc., which produced products for African American hair.Ideally, a blowout is done on freshly washed, conditioned, and detangled hair.

You need to keep most of the moisture in the hair for the Brazilian Blowout Professional hair that is more damaged).

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Brazilian Blowout is the preferred smoothing treatment of celebrities, beauty experts, and stylists around the world.

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This treatment has many names but is most commonly referred to as BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment).

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For African-American women who have decided to take the plunge and wear their hair natural, hair shrinkage can be considered a surprise that can be embraced or a hassle that needs to be conquered.

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Brazilian Blowout Results on Natural, African American hair: Round 2 Part I Last week I headed to Apricot Lounge Salon for my 2nd Brazilian Blowout and once again I was blown away by the results.

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So, a blowout is a technique of grooming natural hair (mostly Afro-American hair textures) in order to straighten it.

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The blowout evolved from this, becoming popular during the 1960s-70s.

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Being a curly girl is what fits for me, but unfortunately, when the politics of black hair becomes a trend, there is a lot of pressure to fit in, or be left behind.I just came across this website, when I asked google how to blow dry African American hair. now I am excited for two reasons, You have provided me with great tips and wonderful advice. which I plan on using for my hair regimen.Dominicans do so by pulling from the hair root, often forcefully.

Because the active ingredient of keratin treatments is a keratin protein very similar to those produced by your own hair naturally, keratin treatments for African American hair can actually be much more gentle and less damaging.Kimberly Elise Natural Living is devoted to natural beauty, wellness, and clean living.

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Many women of color have hair that goes flat a few hours after blow-drying.I have read some reviews about the Keratin Hair Treatment for ethnic woman, such as African Americans.Some days it can feel like you have to choose between your body or your hair: You can go for a run but sabotage the awesome blowout you just got or skip the gym to avoid a potentially bad hair day but miss out on all the muscle-toning, calorie-burning, health-boosting benefits of.Keratin is also said to improve the condition of damaged hair.

Protein treatments have helped immensely and helped cut down on breakage.Here is the exclusive guide of straightening brushes for African American hair with reviews and the proper guide you need to find the best product that suits you.

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Blow Drying natural hair can give you a stretched look in a shorter amount of time than other stretching options such as twisting, threading, braiding or banding, which can take a few hours.

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